I used Bill Wenzel for geothermal systems in 2 homes I built in the last 5 years. Having to deal with contractors is usually a difficult process, but Bill and his team were consummate professionals who went above and beyond all expectations. When I asked him why he is different than other HVAC companies, he stated, “It’s my name on the system.” It’s that simple: Bill cares about his reputation and only wants the best for his customers. His workmen are friendly and knowledgeable; it is obvious they all enjoy their jobs.

I do my homework when I chose a contractor and there are other geothermal companies who may be less expensive, but they utilize products with less quality. Well, quality matters to me when one must spend a lot of money on a HVAC system. When you want the best and someone who stands behind their work – choose Bill Wenzel.

Andrew T. Cheifetz, DMD, MEd – DrAndrew@PediatricDentistNH.com

Just as I started the construction in 2006 (finished in 2007) of our new home in Groton, MA I decided to switch from an Hydro-Air HVAC system to a Geothermal HVAC system. I hired Water Energy Distributors, Inc., Hampstead, NH to design the system. After their initial design and upon their recommendation I hired Bill Wenzel Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. That was the best decision I ever made! They completed the design to customize it to the specific needs and conditions of our house and then installed the system. As a licensed structural engineer who specializes in wood framing for residential and small commercial buildings I was totally amazed at how much detail and concern Mr. Wenzel put into our system so as to maximize its overall efficiency. For example, he recommended that I install a medium-sized water tank ahead of the normal electric water heating tank. That advance tank, without its own heater, simply became the cooling system for the HVAC system’s compressor. Like the radiator of your car that cools the water from the engine, the actual water from the first water tank passes through the compressor and cools the compressor by absorbing that heat and thereby raising the temperature of the water in that tank. The water passes from there to the actual water-heater tank to raise the temperature the rest of the way for normal hot water use. So Mr. Wenzel made use of waste heat from the compressor to raise the water temperature by about 20 degrees so the water heater did not have to do all of the work. Fabulous! Having run the numbers before deciding to go with the geothermal system, I discovered the increase in cost of a geothermal HVAC versus a conventional oil or gas-fired HVAC system would be recovered in 7 years! That is electrical versus either oil or propane gas costs. It turns out that the costs are going to be recovered in 6 years now and Mr. Wenzel’s installation has been so good that he has had to come back only twice in 5 years now for service. He responded quickly. I have had no need for an annual service of my system as I use to have for the oil-fired system in my previous home in Pepperell, MA. That’s how good of a system he installed. I listened to and followed his advice. I highly recommend a geothermal HVAC system and only Bill Wenzel Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to install it.

Lynwood V. Prest, P.E., S.E – Groton, MA

What can I say about Bill. This guy had the personality and expertise like no one I have ever worked with before. I really enjoyed his humor and precision. Bill’s team was very thorough and took on my project like a … He designed and installed the geo thermal heat pump system like a work of art. Every move was precise and calculated. There was no guess work. He showed up when he said he would and completed the job on time, within budget. Every time I had a question, even to this day, he answers his phone or calls me back in a timely manner. It was a pleasure to work with Bill and I would highly recommend him. I am looking forward to working with Bill again on my next project. If you are looking for a company to design and install a Geo Thermal Heatpump system, please give Bill Wenzel a call and tell him I sent you.

Dana Ritchie, Laconia NH – see www.10drummertrail.com

We use and recommend Bill Wenzel Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. because of his years of experience, quality of workmanship and knowledge. We are confident the job will be done right the first time!

Skillings & Sons, Inc. (800) 441-6281

I am writing this letter to recommend Bill Wenzel for geothermal heating installation. Bill did not install my system but he corrected the problems with it. My system was installed by a local company and we had multiple problems with the system. The company that installed the system had been back and forth to our house at least 50 times. The company was unable to figure out why the system was not performing correctly. My neighbor had the same system, however his was installed by Bill. I contacted Bill and he came and solved the problem immediately. The system is performing really well. Our average heating and electric bill is approximately $250.00 per month to heat a 36 hundred square foot home with twelve foot ceilings. I will also add that when I had additional needs for bills service he was always there the same day and he was traveling from Nashua to Rye NH. Bill is very professional and definitely knows what he is doing. I strongly recommend his company and the geothermal system.

Patrick J. Kane

Many thanks for all your help with my heat pump problems of last February. As you know, I had called the company that had installed the heat pump some years before, and after three attempts they had not been able to fix the problem. I had then gotten your name from the distributor for ClimateMaster and you came highly recommended. When I called you, you were not only very responsive and helpful over the phone, but clearly knowledgeable and experienced in water-based heat pump repair. Your serviceman was equally efficient and quickly diagnosed the problem, bought a part locally and installed it, all within a few hours. The heat pump has worked perfectly since, and your charges were very fair.

I am very grateful to you for such prompt and expert service, and I would be happy to recommend you for heat pump repair issues to any homeowner or business requiring it. Please feel free to give my name and phone number to anyone requesting a reference.

Gary Lamphere
Exeter, NH

GEO Thermal is a simple concept but its implementation into a complete house system is not simple. Bill’s depth and grasp on all of the details of GEO and how it connects to the other trades has made the process painless. I would recommend working with Bill to anyone interested in installing a GEO system.

Gary Orbeck

My company, Wood & Clay Inc. “Fine Homes” has been building in the Lakes Region of NH for over 30 years. We recently worked with Bill Wenzel Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc on a design build geothermal system on a Winnipesaukee Lakefront home. Working with their team of knowledgeable professionals has been a great experience! They were able to advise from design to completion for a highly efficient & cost effective home heating/cooling solution.

John B. Robinson President/Owner Wood & Clay, Inc.

Bill Wenzel Heating & Air Conditioning installed two geothermal heat pumps in our new Energy Star home built in 2006. We have less problems than we ever had with oil and there is a huge price savings. Heating, air conditioning, whole house ventilation, and domestic hot water generation from the geothermal desuperheater for our 4,800 square foot home utilizing the PSNH Heatsmart program at today’s rates is $0.44 per square foot or around $2,100 per year. Bill can send anyone my way for a recommendation.

Bob Farr, Wilton, NH

After interviewing and receiving quotes from 6 Geothermal suppliers/installers, I selected Bill and Company as they provided the most practical, least complicated, and most competitive system. Practical advice and delivering 100% on his commitment was only the beginning. Bill’s crew were all professional, on time, and on budget. I have a 2500 sq ft home with a lot of glass and in a very exposed, windy site. The system he designed works exactly as planned and keeps the house warm in any weather, for less than $100/month in heating/AC bills, yes in NH. Bill’s post installation service went above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Bill Wenzel!

Mike W, Newbury NH

“I spoke to 6-8 HVAC companies when building my new home. When I asked each how many geothermal systems they had installed most proudly claimed 6, 10 or maybe 15 over the years. When I asked Bill he responded “somewhere north of 300!” Now that was the experience I was looking for. Bill critiqued my professionally designed system and suggested ways of reducing the cost while improving reliability. I followed all his suggestions and have a flawlessly performing heating/cooling system that is quite, comfortable and inexpensive to run. Plus, all my friends think heating your house with water is science fiction!”

Peter Marconi, Dover, MA

Bill, I can’t thank you enough for your exceptional design and installation of our geothermal system. I could tell from our first meeting that you were the right guy for the job as you were by far the most knowledgeable and experienced of any of the other firms I interviewed for the job. We have been completely satisfied with the system and the service that you, Jane and your entire staff have provided since our installation in 2006 and would highly recommend you to anyone that is considering geothermal.

Robert L. Wofchuck – Ledgewood Wealth Advisors, LLC – Exeter, NH P: (603) 773-0080

I am currently building an Energy Star home in Hampton, NH. When it came time to choose my HVAC system, I decided to go with a geothermal system. As a retired airline pilot, I am a stickler for details and how a system works. After researching and contacting several HVAC companies, one company stood head and shoulders above the rest. Bill Wenzel Heating and Air Conditioning was, by far, the most knowledgeable and was also very price competitive. Mr. Wenzel has a real passion and enthusiasm for the systems he installs. Like Mr. Wenzel, his employees are truly very well-trained, knowledgeable professionals. After researching his company and meeting with Mr. Wenzel, who has over 35 years experience in the field, my choice was an easy one. Without reservation I would highly recommend Bill Wenzel Heating and Air Conditioning.

Gary Alie – Hampton, NH


Bob Moores - Chelmsford, MA

My wife and I want to thank you for all your outstanding work and service over the years. There is no other outfit as knowledgeable and as efficient as yours. Whenever we’ve needed service you have come right away and you have always explained in detail what you’ve done.

Billy and Karen Glazier ~ Carlisle, MA

“Bill Wenzel HVAC Inc. provided a team of professional and friendly technicians who installed the geothermal system in our new house on time and on budget. Bill and his crew gave us a quality product that was installed in a quality manner along with rapid responses to questions and concerns. The few service calls we’ve made were answered and corrected immediately. There is no question that if we ever build again Bill Wenzel will be the HVAC choice.” Bob &

Rose Gamache – Bedford, NH

This is by far the best heating and air company we have had maintain & service our system. The techs are knowledgeable & efficient. Appointments are easily made and have always been on time. The cost for service is reasonable and fair. We are incredibly happy to have found BWHVAC and have complete confidence in the work they perform. They have a level of professional expertise that is almost impossible to find these days!

Anders & Amy Vikstrom

Bill Wenzel and his employees retrofitted a geothermal system into our 1930’s colonial. They did a great job – here when they said they would be, work was always neat and left things neat. The heat is wonderful- things are much more even than our previous oil furnace. Bill told us we wouldn’t need a humidifier in the system, and he was right. The heat is much less dry. All in all a good experience and wonderful result.

Lee Friess – Portsmouth, NH

Excellent quality and service

Very professional

Dick Messina

Geothermal works. Our heating bills went from $5500 a year with oil to $1200 a year with geothermal.

Richard Kalin – Hollis, NH

We are extremely happy with our geo thermal installation. Once we made the decision to go for it Bill made himself available and involved from start to finish in a very professional manner. We felt that the whole project was top priority for him and he took pride in his work. He always returned my phone calls promptly. This system has saved us money in fuel bills as well as maintenance of the oil boiler as the only filters that need changing are easy enough for the homeowner to maintain. I really cannot express how thrilled we are with our new system which happily includes central air.

Paul & Dorothy LaFlamme

After establishing a significant issue with my Geo system and being considerably out of warranty, after weighing all our options, my wife and I decided to replace our system. We went with a WaterFurnace 3-ton model thru Wenzel H&AC. They took care of all the details from finding and filing incentives, 0% interest financing, explaining all our options and setting up the install. Everything went off without a hitch. This team are true Pro’s from the Office staff to Sales and Service and field installers. Their experience in Geothermal is unmatched. Family business with long term seasoned employees. It was a pleasure working with all of them. We couldn’t have been happier.

Terry G – Ashburnham, MA

It is my pleasure to endorse geothermal heating and cooling. As an efficient and effective option I will say that this is, without a doubt, the best choice – one I am glad that I made. With the help of Bill Wenzel, I installed a ground-source heat pump for an 8 ton, forced air heating and cooling system in 2014. Now, into my 4th heating season, it is an easy endorsement. There are many resources, especially Bill, to help you better understand the system but the short of it is the same unit provides heating and cooling for your home. Water from a ground well is used for heat exchange within the unit to provide very efficient hot or cool air. The unit and the well pump are powered by your electricity. The primary thing that most people are interested in is the cost of operation. This system has been significantly less expensive for me than my previous oil burner (which only provided heat). The cost associated with operation is electricity. Second to that I would guess is comfort. Something that I’ve noticed with my system is the consistency of temperature. Rather than intense periods of very hot or very cold air being circulated on and off throughout the day I enjoy a constant, low flow of mild air. The temperature is stable and quite consistent throughout the house. I have found my geothermal system to be very cost effective, very comfortable and relatively low maintenance. I would be hard-pressed considering a house without it now that I have lived with it for a few years. It’s a big decision, but if you are already seriously considering a change this is the right one.

Tim Bush – Bolton, MA

I’m thankful my builder recommended a geothermal heating/cooling system, and felt that “Bill Wenzel Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.” was one of the best and most experienced installers in our area. Bill visited our house while it was under construction, and designed a system to meet our needs. He personally visited several more times to see that the installation matched his specifications, and to oversee the start-up. We’ve been pleased to have a heating/cooling unit that is quiet, comfortable, and extremely economical to operate. This was one of the best decisions in the building process.

R. Snape – Greenfield, NH

We have received excellent service from Bill Wenzel Heating since the first time we made contact with him four years ago. We used a different geothermal company during construction of our new home. Big mistake! We wish we had known about Bill Wenzel before we started construction. We were out of heat nine times in the first winter, we had pipes rupture, circulators seize up, leaks inside the units, improper piping and substandard products. This company, near the lakes region, refused to stand behind their installation or products. Despite their nine service calls to our home, they never fixed the issues. Bill Wenzel to the rescue! When were out of heat, for the tenth time, and still under wararnty with the other company, we contacted Bill Wenzel HVAC. Their service techs were all on calls, so Bill, himself, drove over an hour to our home on a Saturday morning. Within 20 minutes he was able to diagnose the problem and have us up and running with heat. Since that time, Bill Wenzel HVAC was able to diagnose and correct all of the problems that were created by the original geothermal company. We have since used Bill Wenzel HVAC to install a second geothermal unit in our guest house. Because of Bill Wenzel we have heat, A/C and a company that stands behind their installation and their products. We could not be happier with their service and professionalism.

Marie & Phil Savis – Gilford, NH

Thank you for the superb service that you and your staff have provided me this year. I am very impressed with the professional attitude and skill of your company. It far outstrips the experiences I’ve had with three other companies I have tried over the past several years. Your office staff are always polite, thorough and efficient. Your sales staff have listened to what I have identified as a need and have responded to me with insight and a genuine interest in solving my problem in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. The service tech is the first one I’ve found in many years who was able to analyze and fix the problems that I’ve been having with my ERV. I also think that your rates are very reasonable for the service that you provide.

Susan Kennedy – Canterbury, NH

I have a Bill Wenzel installed geothermal system in my 212 year old house! Everything about the system is superior beginning with the original installation, the component installers and the first rate reliable heating unit! The system is quiet, efficient, clean and keeps the house at an even temperature no matter what the weather. I am delighted by the service provided by Bill and his partners. They are always available to answer questions and provide help. I am happy to recommend Bill Wenzel and his heating services to all!!

Toby Tarnow – Hollis, NH

For years I did lots of research on geothermal planning someday to build a house with geothermal and solar. That day came, and one of my clients highly recommended Bill Wenzel Heating. I reached out to him early on in the planning stages of building. I had many questions and he had answers. The install went smoothly. I have now been in my dream house over a year, and still amazed at how great this system works. I’m still amazed at the financial benefits that came with the system. I’m still amazed how clean the system is. And everyone that has entered my house is amazed that I do not have utility bills.

Mary Ann Marr – Walpole, MA

We own a 9 year old cabin with a geothermal system. The system was never dependable. The Wenzel Family was recommended. Best advice ever! Matt & his skilled, knowledgeable crew has the system running perfectly. We now enjoy our cabin. I highly recommend Wenzel Heating & AC.

Mary Long – Barnstead, NH

I want you to know how much I appreciate the excellent service you provided, as well as the installation of the Series 5 WaterFurnace on Monday, May 11, 2020. I was going to use this letter an an opportunity to criticize your competitor, however I didn’t even want to waste the energy expelled by key strokes. Suffice to say they offered no service, limited support, and no one who could or would touch the system to do any repairs.

Your Service Technician Pat came to my home and within one hour had diagnosed the problem. The system was 3.5 years old and cost me during construction of my home nearly 40k dollars had developed a freon leak in the coaxial coil; nearly 1/3 contents was lost. I asked the Supplier if they would replace the system since the system was so new and the repair was at best very tenous. The response was a very rude “NO”. We give a replacement coil and a $600 labor allowance, with no guarantee that this wouldn’t happen again. I decided against that and asked you Matt what is the best price you could come up with to help me out of this situation, replace with propane furnace, replace the coil (hope for the best), or install a new geothermal system with better reliability and service capabilities.

During our discussion the enthusiam you shared about WaterFurnace Series 5 system showed through, and your willingness to get me a good but fair price, as well as your technical prowess, and system option and function knowledge won me over.

The system was removed and the new WaterFurnace was in place, powered up, and fully operational in one day which blew me away. Matt and Jim and Pat and all the support staff at Wenzel Heating and Air Conditioning are exceptional people who work during the Covid-19 Virus all about. This speaks volumes their desire to support their customers and provide the best possible experience a failure such as this can bring. I would also like to send a very special thank you to Bill Wenzel the owner for offering me an additional $750 courtesy credit….didn’t expect that I was already satisfied. I won’t hesitate to point future clients to your establishment, and you can be assured of that. Please feel free if anyone needs a verbal appraisal I shalll provide that as well.

Jim Samardelis

Loudon, NH

Geothermal customers: there I no person/company more knowledgeable and honest in geothermal in New Hampshire than Bill Wenzel. Bill scheduled and arrived on a Saturday en route to a personal appointment in the area. We have had 4 companies knowledgeable (questionable) about geothermal in to look at the existing non-functional geothermal system in a house be purchased in April. They all provided estimates for replacement and said…it’s old, time to replace without looking at determining the issue with why it was not functioning. I had only talked with Bill and Matt on the phone until this past Saturday when Bill arrived. He thoroughly explained the system to my husband and I and went right to work. He was at our home less than an hour AND had our geothermal system functioning for the first time since we moved in April. And it provided heat which important with the dropping nightime temps right now. So, yes, our well does need to be addressed since output is not enough, but some of our existing equipment will work with the current well to provide heat to the upstairs of our home. So, short term, we do not need to spend thousands on a closed well system to provide enough output to heat our home. 4 companies with service departments were here during the summer months while we had time to repair existing equipment and no one tired. Bill was able tp provide heat to our home with existing equipment and parts that had been left by the former owners of the home…no parts needed to be ordered! It was fixed within a half hour, and probably an hour at our home for explaining. Amazing service, knowledge and no one better. Bill Wenzel understands all aspects of geothermal and will not sell or install a system that is not right for your situation. Bill and Matt are the best, Do not waste your time, call them today!

S. Roberts – Alton, NH

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